"In the midst of putting my mother's house on the market and getting needed repairs done in order to sell it I was moving my mother from rehab to assisted living. I was overwhelmed! Robin made it all so much easier by putting me in contact with a great contractor and electrician. She kept me updated and guided me through with her expertise and made selling my mothers home very easy. I will definitely call her if I need her in the future."

Patricia Younger 

"She did an excellent job."
Laura Graham

"Robin was truly wonderful and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a home." 
-Katherine and Eric Weaver

"Robin Whealton was amazing."
-Christy Craig

"Robin is very diligent, hard working, professional, and knowledgeable with what she does. Our house was in the market for over a year with no luck, and when Robin took over, it only took about a little over a month and we had an offer. My husband and I was in awe how fast she was able to sell our  house. I highly recommend Robin. She has a very pleasing personality and a great real estate agent."
-Satisfied Client